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Call for Papers

International Workshop on Integrated Power Packaging 2021

The purpose of this workshop is to bring together researchers in the field of power electronic components, electrical insulating materials, and packaging technologies to promote the development and commercialization of high-density and high-efficiency power converters. Papers are sought that address important challenges in power electronic components and systems and present solutions to increase reliability and manufacturability while targeting increased performance and reduced system cost. Papers range from core material technologies to power converters and are solicited in the following topics:

  • System Integration and Optimization
  • Compact Converter Design Techniques
  • Modeling & Simulation – Components to Reliability
  • Materials & Packaging Technology
  • Power Semiconductor Devices / Modules
  • Gate/Base Drivers
  • Thermal Management & 3D Packaging
  • Electromagnetic Interference
  • Sensors & Protection
  • High-Frequency Magnetics
  • High Temperature & High Voltage Dielectrics
  • Testing of Electrical Insulating Materials (e.g Space Charge and Partial Discharge Measurements)
  • High-Temperature Capacitors
  • Reliability Assessment & Lifetime Prediction
  • Safety & Product/Data Sheet Standards 
  • System/Component Design for Manufacturability, Compatibility with Standards, and Reliability


Abstract Submission Opens: September 14, 2020

Abstract Submission Ends: November 20, 2020 Extended until 4th December 2020

Notice of Acceptance: January 7, 2021

Final Paper Submission: February 22, 2021