Webinar Speakers

Eckart Hoene

Eckart Hoene received the M.Sc. degree in 1997 with a thesis on “Study of drive engineering at TU-Berlin” and the Ph.D. in 2000 on “Predicting EMI behavior of drive systems”. He is with Fraunhofer IZM, Berlin since 1997 and since 2006 he leads a research group of 10 scientist in the field of Packaging and Prototype development for Power Electronics.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Eckart Hoene is currently Business development manager Power and in 2014 he has become Adjunct Professor at Aalborg University.

Dr. -Ing. Eckart Hoene holds 5 international patents in his field of interest.

Garron Morris

Garron Morris received his Bachelor and Master of Science degrees in mechanical engineering from University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in 1994 and 1996, respectively.

From 1996 to 1998, Garron performed research on spray cooling of cellular base stations at Motorola’s Advanced Thermal Lab.  After two years at GE Global Research, Garron joined GE Healthcare where he was promoted to principal engineer responsible for developing and implementing advanced thermal management and power electronics technologies in high-performance Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) systems.

Since 2010, Garron has been working at Rockwell Automation in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in motor drives research and development.  In his current role as Hardware and Reliability Systems Architect, Garron is responsible for strategic planning, roadmaps, and research on predictive maintenance, corrosion mitigation, and reliability of power electronics used in motor drives.  Garron has 16 US patents and received IEEE best paper award at the 2018 Reliability and Maintainability Symposium.

Cyril Buttay

Cyril Buttay received the Engineer and Ph.D. degrees from the Institut National des Sciences Appliquées (INSA) Lyon, Lyon, France, in 2001 and 2004, respectively.

From 2005 to 2007, he was a Research Associate with the Electrical Machines and Drives Research Team, University of Sheffield, Sheffield, U.K., and the Power Electronics Machines and Control Group, University of Nottingham, Nottingham, U.K.

Since 2008, he has been a Scientist with the French Centre National de Recherche Scientifique (CNRS), where he was with the Ampére Laboratory, Lyon, on the topic of packaging for power electronics, with a special focus on high-temperature, high-voltage, or highdensity applications. In 2020 he was a Visiting Scholar with the Center for Power Electronics Systems (CPES), Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA, USA.

Nick Baker

Nick Baker received the M.Eng. degree in electrical and electronic engineering from Loughborough University, Leicestershire, U.K., in 2011. He completed his PhD in 2016 at Aalborg University on Junction Temperature Measurements in Power Semiconductors. In 2015, he was awarded European Power Electronics Association Young Member Award. From 2017 to 2019 he was a Post-Doc at Aalborg University, and has been an Independent Researcher funded by the Danish Independent Research Fund since 2020. His research interests are temperature measurements in power modules, intelligent power modules and

Ty McNutt

Dr.  Ty McNutt currently serves as Director of Business Development for the Fayetteville, Arkansas location of Wolfspeed, a Cree Company. He manages various technical projects, and works closely with customers and their applications teams to integrate advanced silicon carbide device and packaging technologies into next generation systems. He is an inventor on seven issued patents on silicon carbide materials, devices, packaging, and applications, as well as authored or co-authored over 70 publications on wide bandgap devices. Dr. McNutt has been working in the field of silicon carbide for over 18 years and received his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Arkansas in the field of silicon carbide semiconductor device physics.

Patrick McCluskey

Dr. Patrick McCluskey is a Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Maryland, College Park.  Dr. McCluskey conducts research in the Center for Advanced Life Cycle Engineering (CALCE) focusing in the areas of thermal management, reliability, and packaging of electronic systems for use in extreme temperature environments and high power applications.  He has authored or co-authored over 100 technical articles and 3 books, including “High Temperature Electronics.”  He has served as technical chairman of the IMAPS International High Temperature Electronic Conference and Exhibition (HiTEC) and is on the organizing committee for the International High Temperature Electronics Network Conference (HiTEN). He is an associate editor of the IEEE Transactions on Components and Packaging.  He is a fellow of the International Microelectronics and Packaging Society (IMAPS), and is a member of ASME, IEEE, and SAE.

Stephane Azzopardi

Stéphane Azzopardi received both the M.Sc.Eng. degree from the Graduate School of Engineering INSA of Toulouse, France, as well as the M.S. degree from the University of Toulouse, France, in 1993, and the Ph.D. degree in electronics from the University of Bordeaux, France, in 1998.

For two years, he was a Post-doctorate with the Laboratory of Professor Kawamura, Yokohama National University, Japan. In 2003, he became an Associate Professor with the Graduate School of Engineering ENSEIRB-MATMECA in Bordeaux, France. In 2012, he received the HDR (qualification to drive research activities). He joined the Research and Technology Center of Safran Group in September 2015, where he currently manages the expert team on “Components, Power Modules, and Materials.” His research focuses on the robustness and reliability of power semiconductor devices for aeronautical applications.

Mona Ghassemi

Mona Ghassemi received the M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees (Hons.) in electrical engineering from the University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran, in 2007 and 2012, respectively. She spent two years (from 2013 to 2015) researching as a Postdoctoral Fellow with the High Voltage Laboratory, University of Quebec, QC, Canada. She was also a Postdoctoral Fellow with the Electrical Insulation Research Center, Institute of Materials Science, University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT, USA, from 2015 to 2017. In 2017, she joined the ECE Department, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA, USA, as an Assistant Professor. Her research interests include electrical insulation materials and systems, high voltage/field technology, multiphysics modeling, electromagnetic transients in power systems, and power system analysis and modeling. She is an At-Large Member of the Administrative Committee of the IEEE Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation Society for 2020 to 2023, a Corresponding Member of the IEEE Conference Publication Committee of the IEEE Power and Energy Society, an Active Member of several CIGRE working groups and IEEE Task Forces, and a member of the Education Committee of the IEEE DEIS and PES. She was a recipient of the 2020 National Science Foundation (NSF) CAREER Award and the 2020 Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR) Young Investigator Research Program (YIP) Award. She is a registered Professional Engineer in the Province of Ontario, Canada, and an Associate Editor of the IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications, IET High Voltage, and the International Journal of Electrical Engineering Education.


Nicolas Botter

Nicolas Botter received the B.S. degree in physics from the University of Lorraine, France, in 2015 and the M.S. degree in electrical engineering from the University of Strasbourg, France, in 2018. He is currently working toward the Ph.D degree in electrical engineering at the University of Grenoble Alpes, Grenoble, France. His research interests include the development and implementation of power electronics components in harsh environment for aircraft engines with SAFRAN.