IWIPP 2025 - University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Alabama, USA April 8th -10th 2025
International Workshop on Integrated Power Packaging 2025
Your opportunity to share with and learn from the experts in the Power Packaging & System Design world. Though packaging is in our name, we're about a lot more than that - we want to talk about system design / control, testing & reliability, dielectrics, materials, manufacturing, and more.
IWIPP is more than just packaging - we're expanding to include DIELECTRICS, RELIABILITY, MANUFACTURABILITY, STANDARDS, and so much more. Keep scrolling to learn more.
Full in-person IEEE sponsored event
Join us for IWIPP 2025
April 8-10, 2025

Sponsors, Partners, Media Partners

The technical organizations that make us great.


Powerful devices require thoughtful packaging designs. IWIPP covers everything from mechanical and thermal considerations to new low-inductance footprints.

System Design

From EMI to thermal management and partial discharge, we understand that making great parts work together can be difficult.

Dielectrics & Materials

It isn’t possible to make great applications without the fundamental dielectrics & materials.

Reliability & Testing

Once you make a system, you need to put it to the test. And we want to hear how it went.

Safety & Standards

It can be difficult to protect and benchmark new technology, so we want to hear your thoughts.


Making systems run efficiently and powerfully is a little different than just making them run.

Modeling & Simulation

Proof-of-concept is critical in electronics design, and virtual prototyping is becoming more powerful each and every day.


The heartbeat of power electronics systems. Let’s debate and discuss the best and the latest.

IWIPP is a conference designed to bring the greatest packaging and systems minds together to discuss the hardest issues facing our industry. We want to learn from you, hear your questions, and discuss your latest findings. Nowhere else is there a workshop with such diversified organizational sponsors, making IWIPP an opportunity to learn something big.


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