Free Corridor Event Aug. 2021

IWIPP 2021 Webinar Series

The IWIPP webinar series consists of three 2.5 hour sessions. Each webinar session will address technology developments since the 2019 workshop and may well be ready for commercialization by the 2022 workshop. Each session will address a different set of applications and technology advances.

The sessions will be on Monday August 23rd, Wednesday August 25th and Friday August 27th. Each session will begin at 7:00 AM CDT (2:00 PM CEST).

There will be three presentations per session and each presentation will be approximately twenty-five minutes in length. There will be a panel question and answer session for the technical presentations at the end of each webinar event. The presenters will try to answer all of the submitted questions within the 2.5 hour time duration of each webinar session. Answers to questions that cannot be addressed within the 2.5 hour time duration of the webinar session will be included in the recording of each webinar session made available after the webinar series concludes. The registration link for webinar series can be found on the IWIPP website or directly here