Conference Location (Aug. 2022 – Aalborg, DK)

Conference Site

All conference events (except the Social Event) will take place at:

The Auditorium

Department of Energy Technology, Aalborg University

Pontippidanstræde 111, 9220 Aalborg Øst

Denmark (Aug. 24-26 2022)


Directions to the city centre and IWIPP venue from Aalborg Airport

Any number 12 bus will take you to both Aalborg City Centre and to the University. The bus stop is directly outside the terminal building. The bus takes approximately 15 minutes to the centre and 35 minutes to the university. Alternatively, it is possible to take a taxi, which takes approximately 15 minutes to the city centre, or 25-30mins to Aalborg University.

Directions from Aalborg city centre to the IWIPP venue

All buses numbered 2 and 12 go directly to the Department of Energy Technology, stopping close to the IWIPP venue, Pontoppidanstræde 111.

If taking number 12, get off at the stop ‘Willy Brandts Vej (Einsteins Boulevard)’ and it is around a 5-minute walk to the Pontoppidanstræde 111. The number 2 stops at Pontoppidanstræde (Bertil Ohlins Vej), which is directly outside Pontoppidanstræde 111. Both bus stops and symposium venue are identified on the map below. Detailed bus schedules at (available in English).

Phone number for Aalborg Taxi: +45 7025 2525 or +45 9810 1010

Arrival by Car

From the highway E45, choose Exit 26: Th. Sauers Vej/Universitetsboulevarden. From Universitetsboulevarden, you enter the roundabout and take the Einsteins Boulevard exit. In the next roundabout you take the third exit, Linus Paulings Vej. At the end of Linus Paulings Vej turn right. On your right side is Pontoppidanstraede’s car park. Turn right when you exit the car park on foot. The main entrance of Pontoppidanstraede 111 is on the corner of Toppentuestien and Pontoppidanstraede.

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